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Financial Planning Services

What the future will bring can be difficult to predict, but at WRS we want to help you prepare for life’s twists and turns. From managing student debt and purchasing your first home, to watching your children grow and beginning your first day of retirement, we will use our expertise to help you map out a successful plan for achieving your future goals.

Our individualized financial plan is designed to help you achieve the following goals:

  • Living for today while saving for tomorrow. 
  • Preserving your income stream throughout retirement.
  • Addressing financial risks, like health care costs and volatility.
  • Minimizing taxes from savings and investments.

Using our 4-step process, we will aim to strengthen your financial confidence.

1. We will establish a relationship with you.
We will hold an initial discussion with you to identify your goals for the present, as well as for retirement, and to explore which type of partnership will be most suitable and comfortable for you.

2. We will develop your road map.
Using a proven and in-depth analysis process, we develop your financial road map. The map provides specific steps and time frames designed to achieve your short-, intermediate-, and long-term goals, as well as your retirement lifestyle. It also includes alternative choices and attainment strategies.

3. We will implement the strategies.
This is when we put your plan into action. To do this, we may:

  • Determine how, where, and when different steps should be implemented.
  • Develop investment portfolios that meet your needs, time frames, and risk tolerances.
  • Provide options and discuss the pros and cons of each in light of your implementation plan; we want you to be knowledgeable about your options and comfortable with your choices.
  • Collaborate with your attorney, CPA, or other professionals to integrate your estate and tax plans with your financial road map.

4. We will continue our relationship.
We prefer that our partnership be continuous and ongoing. We will meet with you up to four times per year to assure that you are on track. As your life continues to unfold and change throughout retirement, your financial road map and investment portfolio will also need to be updated to reflect those changes.