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2019 Economic Themes

Tightening financial conditions, a modest uptick in consumer inflation, fading fiscal stimulus, and potential ongoing trade tensions will temper growth in 2019. As the labor market strengthens and wage growth increases, households will have more purchasing power, resulting in a stronger consumer and pushing GDP growth higher. Conversely, the effects of fading fiscal stimulus, higher short-term rates and a marginal increase in inflation will constrain growth . . .    

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Traditional Versus Roth IRA

Traditional IRAs, which were created in 1974, are owned by roughly 35.1 million U.S. households. And Roth IRAs, created as part of the Taxpayer Relief Act in 1997, are owned by nearly 24.9 million households.1 Both are IRAs. And yet each is quite different . . .

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Contributing to an IRA?

Many factors can affect your eligibility and annual contribution amounts to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) -- including your marital status, your current earned income level, and whether you participate in a retirement plan at work. Use this calculator to help determine whether you are eligible to contribute to a Traditional or a Roth IRA and at what maximum contribution amounts.

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